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Vendor Registration Partnering With Trusted Vendors in the Construction Industry

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  • Vendor Registration
    Licenses & Certificates
    Evidence of Insurance
    Recent Project List
  • List of Trade Codes
    01000- General Requirements
    02000- Site Construction
    03000- Concrete
    04000- Masonry
    05000- Metals
    06000- Wood & Plastic
    07000- Thermal & Moisture Protection
    08000- Doors & Windows
    09000- Hardware & Flooring
    10000- Specialties
    11000- Equipment
    12000- Furnishings
    13000- Special Construction
    14000- Conveying Systems
    15000- Mechanical & Plumbing
    16000- Electrical

CHIFFERT Engineering greatly values the relationships that we establish and the support that we receive from our vendors and subcontractors.  We strive to ensure that our clients receive the best possible value for materials and services, and that our vendors and subcontractors receive timely payment for services rendered.

Design and construction work is governed by, and paid, in accordance with the project contracts, general conditions, and plans.  Building trade contractors interested in doing business with CHIFFERT Engineering must be licensed and insured (workers compensation and general liability insurance).  Contractors, plumbers and electricians doing business in the Town of Southampton must be licensed and/or registered as required by the Town of Southampton’s Land Management Division.

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